Garden of Life

In line with our theme “flowers”, we planned to visit a garden that carries educational values for children. So, I googled “gardens in KL”.  Even though there were a few gardens being recommended online, unfortunately, I couldn’t find a suitable one for our kids. Of course, there are many good and nice gardens further away from the city, however, with young kids, it is very challenging for us to make it as a day trip. I have to keep searching…

One morning while I was to driving to school… somehow God impressed in my heart that… bring the garden in… I shared this idea with the educators and they agreed and were delighted. Hence, our adventures with gardening began in February. In the midst of the outbreak of the coronavirus, it was a good idea that we cancelled the outing to public and crowded areas for the benefits of our students, parents and educators. “A garden within a kindergarten in the city”, how do you like this idea? There is this Chinese proverb saying, in any danger or risk (in this case is Covid 19), there is be an opportunity (危机), that is the birth of the Garden of Life.

I believe, to venture into gardening with children would bring many valuable lessons that will help and enrich the children’s learning. Children will learn new skills, have fun, and develop a sense of responsibility.

Garden of Life
Organic Ladies Finger
Organic Radish

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